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FS: SunBlade 2000 workstation


Apr 27, 2007
Central Florida
I have a SunBlade 2000 workstation with a single CHE1200 CPU, 5GB RAM, and a 72GB 10,000 RPM drive. The video card is the XVR-100 (ATI Radeon based, DVI and VGA outputs). Comes with the Sun USB keyboard. Runs Solaris 10 (currently installed), but FreeBSD also supports SPARC64, and I'm sure there are some Linux distros that do too. This system is very clean, works fine, and in good cosmetic condition. It is missing one drive-bay blank-out panel in the front.

This system will take two CPUs, and a second CHE1200 could be installed, as well as a second hard disk. There are tons of ports on the back, SCSI on board, serial ports, a parallel port, FC-AL, etc. Most of the specs can be found here: https://shrubbery.net/~heas/sun-feh-2_1/Systems/SunBlade2000/spec.html

Like most Sun hardware, this computer is built to a standard that you just don't see in typical consumer-grade computer hardware. This is truly a high-end workstation / server-class machine.

Make an offer.

I prefer a local pick-up in the L.A. area. This system is pretty big and very heavy. It will take a lot of arm-twisting to get me to ship it.

sun1.jpg sun2.jpg sun3.jpg sun4.jpg sun5.jpg