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    Source 13.824 MHz Xtal oscillator for 11/23 M8186

    I have run a KDF11 stable at 18 MHz. But I guess it may vary from board to board. Use anything close , higher or lower. Should’t be a problem.
  2. MattisLind

    M8189 bootstrap error LED's D1 and D4 on

    A short backplane doesn't require terminators. The CPU board is terminating one end and for single backplane system it is enough. I have a H9270 4x4 backplane with M8189, some memory and a Viking SCSI which works just fine without any extra terminators at the far end of the backplane. H9278 has...
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    Apollo DN660

    I have been asked if I were interested in a Apollo DN660. Sounds like an interesting machine. Top of the line graphics workstation from the early 80ies. Some kind of bit slice implementation of the 68020. It looks like there are software on bitsavers.org, but I can find very little hardware...
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    Informer Model 207

    Some Informer terminals do 3270 emulation. Check carefully what this specific model handels.
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    Northern Europe SWTPC extender boards (SS-50 and SS-30) - bare boards available

    For my SWTPC project I designed a couple of extender boards. I made a run on JLCPCB and got five pair of boards. I will most likely ever need just one pair. A pair is one for the SS-50 and one for the SS-30. I want 18 USD + shipping from Sweden for a pair of bare boards (no connectors included)...
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    LQP8E - M8366 LQP01 (Diablo 630 Hytype II) Omnibus interface

    Thanks! I have a M8366 and a Diablo 1345 which I intend to use on my 8/a some day but I have been lacking the schematics. This solves that problem.
  7. MattisLind

    Intel Intellec 8 MCS

    Forgot to mention that I found bugs in the monitor that was installed in the machine when I got it. At least I think it is bugs. Original code: RI: PUSH H ;3EB7-E5 LXI H,IOBYTE ;3EB8-21 03 00 MOVA,M ;3EBB-7E ANI 00CH ;3EBC-E6 0C JNZ RI3...
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    Intel Intellec 8 MCS

    Today I finally got Microchess by Peter Jennings running on the Intellec 8/80. Peter Jennings has written a bit of the history behind Microchess here. To get there I created a small device that emulated a paper tape reader. Whenever the reader run signal is activated by the Intellec 8 a menu...
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    Looking for DEC M7814 (DZ11) Maintenance prints MP00253 and/or boards

    I have both boards and printset. I can try to scan the printset. Where are you located? I am in Sweden so shipping can be a showstopper. http://forum.datormuseum.se/item/0AC85515-76C8-492F-BCF2-9A9AA9075953.html http://forum.datormuseum.se/item/EEF16EF0-D9D0-42C6-ACD9-C0099D8E28CC.html The...
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    Schematic for older PDP-11/05 CPU - M7261C?

    Thanks a lot Steve!
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    Terminal program that handle reader run signal?

    Yes. A variant of Mate-n-lok. But as far as I can tell those are cannot be bought any longer.
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    Terminal program that handle reader run signal?

    Right. But three two pole 1/4" jacks then for each current-loop connection or are there 6-pole 1/4 inch jacks available? I would prefer something less clumsy. DEC used a mate-n-lok but that is unobtanium.
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    Terminal program that handle reader run signal?

    OK. But I want something that is panel mount in the rear of the box. Any suggestion for that?
  14. MattisLind

    Terminal program that handle reader run signal?

    I envision a small box with a couple of LEDs on the front for showing activity on the serial ports and then on the back a RS-232 connector, one connector for current loop from the host (which type for current loop? a DIN-6 jack?) and then a current loop jack for the ASR33. It would then be...
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    Terminal program that handle reader run signal?

    The idea was not that the PDP-8 should send the BREAK. Rather that the ASR33 send the break and that it is filtered by the device and the device return the menu to the ASR33.