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    Sun Microsystems keyboard prices

    Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 systems use the "old" Sun connector. You might be able to install a USB card, but you won't be able to use a USB keyboard until an OS with support boots up. If you need to access the Open Boot Prompt, connect a serial terminal to serial A and use that. Hint: a serial BREAK...
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    Mystery Sinclair "US 2000" power supply?

    Looks like a Sinclair QL power supply to me. Have a look at http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/docs/hardware/index.html and (specifically) http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/docs/hardware/qlpsu.png
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    Newbie looking to get into vintage unix workstations, requesting advice.

    Those work well until you need to do STOP-A - the keystrokes for that are either not documented or don't work. Personally I try to stick to a serial console, because (a) I know it will work (and I can send BREAK instead of STOP-A) and (b) most of my Sun playing is actually work, as I provide...
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    Banner blocking views on mobile phones

    Banner has gone following a page reload. It didn't have any icon to close it. (Pixel 4a phone using Chrome). Nothing to do with font size - using default settings. Update: my back button allowed me to capture the attached image;
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    Banner blocking views on mobile phones

    The new banner blocks half the screen when reading, and when I post I can't see what I am typing. Luckily this is my 9th post. I don't want to post another r"random rubbish" post just to eliminate this silly restriction. If there any typos on this post, it's because my screen is occupied by a...
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    Sunblade 1000 issues

    To be honest, I only knew about the "Mac on SEEPROM for Sunblade 1000" because I've had to refer to the IDPROM listing a few times over the last 12 months If I had an issue with a SunBlade, my first ports of call would be to find a PDF of the service manual (if it exists), and have a look...
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    Sunblade 1000 issues

    The MAC address is stored in the SEEPROM in U2101, rather than NVRAM. (Take a look at https://dogemicrosystems.ca/pub/Sun/System_Handbook/Sun_syshbk_V3.4/Systems/SunBlade1000/components.html scroll down to IDPROM.
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    Banner update?

    Same goes for
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    Dead Sun IPX PSU

    I have a Sun IPX which I've had in storage for the thick end of 5 years, that I'm trying to bring back to life, which is falling to power up. Connecting power and turning on the mains power gives nothing - no twitch of the fan motor, no high pitched squeals or ticking. Powering up with the hard...