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  • Hi, Old Man of the West!

    I wonder if you could phone me or at least email me your phone number; there's something I'd like to chat with you about.

    Mine's 416-532-4322


    BTW, I notice your profile says that you haven't made any friends yet; surely that's not true?

    Yes I do. If you forward me your postal code(zip#) I'll get a quote for USPS cost of shipping. You must be forwarned that I have never had the opportunity of being able to test it.

    Hi Micom 2000,
    is the Displaywriter-Keyboard still on offer?
    My name is Alexander Kurz, I am looking for the Displaywriter-Keyboard for quite a while to include it into the kbdbabel project, www.kbdbabel.org. My goal is, to provide technical documentation like schematics, pinouts, signaling diagrams
    http://www.kbdbabel.org/schematic/index.html ...
    up to working adapter-implementations.
    I would be happy to pay all the expenses.
    Thanks in advance, Alexander
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