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    CA3000 what to do ith it besides games ?

    Now my Commodora Amiga 3000 is gully working and have 64 meg expansion and can exhange data with modern pc. What software can people advice me to use with it ? I downloaded tonns of adf. images, not only games, but applications. What are essential ?
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    MAc SE/8mhz - what games it can run ?

    Hi, people ! I'm abought to buy an SE which is rare and expensive here) What good games it can run with 8mhz - like Prince of Persia or Grand Prix Circuit, TEst Drive or it's too slow even for it ? Maybe if I buy it I will use it for expos to show to "modern people" ...)
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    Digital Venturis P1-100 Works extremely slow in in Win 9x...

    Have found a Digital Venturis P1-100 mainboard - have built a system on it. At first all seemed ok with it - games under MS DOS 6.22, like Descent and Hexen run as they should, and so on, but after installing windows 95OSr2 or 98se it happened to work in win 9x slower than a 486DX-2 - with all...
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    Genius E-pen on com port. Does anybody have dirvers ?

    Found a com port device. Can't find in google drivers for it. maybe anyboy have ?
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    CF cards and 486 notebooks - Compaq Contura 430cx and others

    Hi, people ! Had issue with a 486DX4-100 Compq Contura 430cx notebook - it was hanging when adressing HDD. One kind person agreed to re-solder its HDD conector, even without asking money for it. After that it was hanging with Trndscend 2gb x133 card. I tried another card, old 512mb Kingstone...
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    AMi_FTP gives error "cant open version 38 of reqtools.library"

    Hi, people ! Installed MiamiDX and connected Amiga online - but Ami_FTP dont run - gives error"cant open version 38 of reqtools.library". Tried class-action 3.6 - can't find newer version, tried ver 4.4, but it requires Workbench 3.5 - I have only 3.1.... /// maybe have found sollution, will...
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    Manuals for 94' simulator Overlord....

    Hi, people ! Can't find manuals for that game - maybe someone can give a link or have a pdf ? I remember reading about three at the moment fresh WWII simlators in game magasine around 95 -"1942", "Aces of PAcific/Europe" and the Overlord - since then I wanted to pay that game - now downloaded...
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    s it ok when EGA display dont properly work with CGA cards ?

    s it ok when EGA display dont properly work with CGA cards ? Tried two cards - one from IBM 5160, the other from Bulgarian XT clone Pravetz16. With EGA cards display works ok.
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    PC/XT and mouse ?

    I wonder were there any games or soft that run on 4.77 XT/PC and require mouse... Maybe Windows 1 need it, though) I have a working IBM 5150 with EGA and CF/ISA8 device - so have a machine to test mouse on 8088/477)
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    installing mui 3.8 - one file can't be accessed from win...

    Hello, people ! Trying to install mui 3.8 - using gotek emulator and APF opus - one file seem to have no name in windows so it can't be extracted and the instalation process crashes and asks for thatfile that seem not to have any name - how can it be so ? it's bout 8kb in MUI directory... Maybe...
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    Caste Wolfenstain - runs too fast even on IBM 5150/5155.

    Good times to everyone ! Long ago heard about that game, wanted to try it. When I start in on IBM 5150 or 5155 with 4.77 8088 I see starting screen then it seems like it runs too fast and it gives almost instantly message "you are killed, game over". what wrong is with it ? Tried to download it...
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    Can't install Miami_DX on Amiga3000/Workbench 3.1

    Can't install Miami_DX - I need it for a custom made ethernet card. I have A3000 with 3.1 Workbench. When I click to istaller a window appears "Execute a file / Enter Command Arguments" - I click ok it tells "Install_Miami_Dx" is not an executable file / error code 10. Please help, I'm new to...
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    Took part in a retrofest with my machines...

    It was a general retroevent in the Museum of Moscow - old 18-19 century warehuse building here in Moscow, Russia. Took there - a 286/20, Digital Starion 300i/P1-75, Digital Venturis 466/486DX2, Compaq LTE/Elite 450E, Ibook Clamshell, MacintoshIIci, Gouliin 286 laptop with plasma orange screen, a...
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    Where do you store your vintage collection?

    nearly all my collection fits in one room. long table with desktops on it, some stuff stored under it. and a tall shelves for desktops in a corner of a room. notebooks stored in shelves in another room.
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    EGA videocards on a fast 286. questions...

    Hi, people ! Have a 286-16/2mb ram/IDE HDD/SB with EGA/VGA videocard RUBY_VGA and EGA display. Some games which are supposed to work in EGA mode crash, some work, like Stunts or Test Drive III, some give "junk" of pixels, like Dave series from ID software. First of all I'd like to know "common...