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    Old PC Keeps switching off during boot sequence

    Wow, I am shocked. I didn't know that people were using such programs for important document archival. Live and learn I guess. There does seem to be a solution to run your copy of PaperMaster 98 on Windows 10 64-bit. Hopefully, if all else fails the OP can get at the scans on a Windows 10 PC. I...
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    Refreshed Collection Videos from long ago

    Hi @tezza, Personally, I find your videos of very high quality. I never noticed any audio issues. You are one of the folks who inspired me to be in this "hobby" of mine. I especially like the reviews of those models that were mostly popular Down Under and not very common in the US, where I...
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    Old PC Keeps switching off during boot sequence

    Are you saying that PaperMaster Pro 98 wraps the scan in some proprietary file that can only be "opened" by that program? Most scanning programs use a standard file format, like TIFF, and the actual scan file can be accessed from other software. That program may be used to organize the scanned...
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    What do your happy places look like?

    My lab / computer collection rooms http://www.crackerb.com/sean/computers/SMK_Pictures_Lab.html Seaken
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    Compupro pickup

    That era of computers is my favorite and fascinates me. Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention to "collecting" old computers until most of that stuff was either destroyed or the cost to acquire it for a collection was more than I wanted to pay. I also don't really have the skills to repair or...
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    Nondescript Tandy 6000 problem

    I am certainly confused about Discord. But I would spend some time to figure it out if there was some valuable content. I tried the link and all I got was a message saying something about logging in from a different location. Why dies that matter? Isn't this supposed to be a mobile app...
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    Tandy 1400HD

    Sorry, I've been away from the forum for awhile. I did find my 1400FD/HD manual in storage but I have not had the time to open it up and scan any pages. I will be away again this weekend but after that I should be able to do some scans for you. Seaken
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    NEC Powermate 286 refuses to boot from floppy

    Hi @lcdrugo , I saw your message on the other thread and followed @modem7's link to here. I don't know if I will be any help or not. On my NEC Powermate 286 Plus I was able to boot from the floppy and that eventually allowed me to run the setup program and set up a CF XTIDE "hard drive". Here...
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    Tandy 1400HD

    I have a Service Manual for the 1400FD/HD. I could scan the pages you need but I am not sure exactly what pages I am looking for. I also may have to dig it out of storage and won't be able to look for it until Sunday. Maybe someone else knows where to find this info already somewhere on the net...
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    Any good resources for "near vintage" computing?

    I think Vogons is good for XP systems. Yes, it is tilted for gamers but there are also some hardware nerds on there. Maybe this: https://msfn.org/board/ Lot's of old MS software stuff there, including XP in the Older NT Family forums. Seaken
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    Greetings from New Jersey!

    Ahh, I see. There were two Model F then, one XT and one AT. I was not aware of that, or if I was I had forgot it. I do have a couple of Model M type keyboards that have a switch to go between XT and AT but my Model F does not have that switch. Thanks for the reminder. Seaken
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    [Osborne 1]: Osborne 1 CRT functional, but very bright dot appears upon machine power-off

    Sorry I can't help with your questions on the Osborne. But, Welcome to the VCF Forum. I will be interested to follow along and if you are able to get these issues solved. Seaken
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    Can anyone identify this dot matrix printer next to a Neo-Geo?

    It's been awhile since I used these types of printers so I could be wrong on this. But I thought these 9-pin printers could be manipulated by software to create much higher quality prints than the built in fonts or simply sending a printer description file to the printer. I remember using...
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    Greetings from New Jersey!

    Welcome to the forum. Unusual for an AT 5170 to have a Model F keyboard? My 5162 came with a Model M. I have an Model F on it's own. I can use it with my Packard Bell VX88 XT Clone or my Leading Edge Model D XT Clone. I don't think I can use on the 5162 as it's XT protocol. I can't remember but...