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    Laplink- transfer between modern PC and MS-DOS 3 PC?

    I tried to make a Laplink connection to my 286 from my Win7 using XP Virtual PC. It did not work. I have notes that seem to indicate I did this successfully once upon a time. But it doesn't work in XP. The COM port won't work. I also tried Laplink Gold in Windows 7. The COM ports also won't...
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    Your first Atari, and last?

    Thanks I will check that out. From what I have read I need an AC to AC adapter, not DC. Seaken64
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    Your first Atari, and last?

    My one and only Atari is an 800. I do not have a power adapter for it yet so I have not been able to do much with it. Does anyone know the best place to purchase a power adapter for the Atari 800? I would love to find out if it works. Seaken
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    Greetings form the land of Oklahoma.

    Welcome Darrin aka WASHITA EAGLE. Sorry to hear about your dad. Lost my FIL last year and he was instrumental in my early computing adventures. That's quite a haul you got there. It's becoming harder and hard to find good stuff around here. But I still occasionally get something good. My last...
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    Laplink- transfer between modern PC and MS-DOS 3 PC?

    If I am not mistaken I have successfully ran Laplink III over serial cable from my DOS machine to a Windows 7 machine with a real serial port and Virtual PC running XP. It's been a while since I have done this. I usually use Ethernet and mFTP these days. But I do still have that Laplink serial...
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    Newcomer from Melbourne, Australia!

    Welcome to the forum. I look forward to seeing your "new" old rig. Seaken64
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    Would Macintosh 12" RGB work on an Apple IIe with RGB card?

    I have this Macintosh 12" RGB Display Family Number M1299. But I have yet to find anything in my collection that will use it. It was made for Mac LC or IIsi. But in one of the documents I was reading it mentioned that is works with an Apple IIe card in the LC. Is there any chance this monitor...
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    486 motherboard no life

    I had an issue where the keyboard fuse was bad. When I jumped the fuse link the board came to life. It was also a 486 VLB board similar to yours. I didn't replace the fuse yet. I just have to remember to plug the keyboard in with the power off. Seaken
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    5150 Cannot format floppies

    I just want to say that I learn a lot reading stuff like this. My guess was that is may have been the overclocking but it was just a guess. You guys have good skills and it's a great learning experience for me. Thank you for sharing your troubleshooting @maxtherabbit . Seaken
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    Your best and worst vintage computer investments?

    Yes, I agree. I've spent some money on failed projects but it's all part of the process of learning what works and what doesn't. I do still regret trying to upgrade a BIOS on an old Sony VIAO PC that ended up a brick. I ended up throwing that PC out, but that was before I really started...
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    Burned traces and label on ISA XT CF adapter

    No I was very careful to plug the card in the right way. Following the direction on the label. And it worked for awhile. Too bad. Have any of you heard of this type of thing happening, assuming the board is plugged in correctly, where the board got fried in an ISA slot on an old PC/XT Clone...
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    Burned traces and label on ISA XT CF adapter

    In another thread I was working on setting up a CF card on my Tandy 1000HD. With the forums help I was able to get that computer successfully working with a CF card as the new hard drive. I ended up purchasing two different XT CF adapters because the first one I bought took up two slots and I...
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    CF to IDE on my Tandy 1000HD

    I was successful with the Tandy 1000HD with the newly arrived "XT-CF-lite rev.2". I removed the XT-CF card with the seperate bracket and placed the same CF card from that adapter into the new XT-CF-lite card and put it in the same slot. Then I booted and it works fine. I now have this 1000HD...
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    Another New User

    Welcome to the forum @romdump . I have two working 386's and three working 486's. Had a fourth 486 but passed it on to another member this summer. I tend to gravitate toward 8088 to 80486 stuff but have lots of Pentium's also. Seaken
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    CF to IDE on my Tandy 1000HD

    I have this Leading Edge Model D that I have never been able to run with a MFM Hard Drive, and the 5.25" floppy's also don't work. I decided to try this Lo-Tech XT CF adapter to see if it would also work on this Model D. I plugged it in and it did come on screen but it did not find the CF card...