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    My IBM 5150 nothing on screen and problems..

    I just stripped right down to motherboard and noticed that there might be a short on the 5V rail on the motherboard because I put my neg on ground and red on the 5v on the closest pin to the front of the case where the power plugs into the motherboard and it does beep once and goes away? Also...
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    My IBM 5150 nothing on screen and problems..

    Definitely not changing any variables, did not remove or add anything, also do not have keyboard or Monitor connected when checking the voltages either I am not using an original IBM Monitor just a Commodore 1902 Monitor.
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    My IBM 5150 nothing on screen and problems..

    Just an update I checked and opened the case and the fan is not spinning at all though it twitches once when I turn it on and all the voltages are within specs though? It is the HDD I hear spinning.
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    My IBM 5150 nothing on screen and problems..

    Yes I will look into that and check the voltages and what not.
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    My IBM 5150 nothing on screen and problems..

    Just turned on the computer for the first time and it does turn on but none of the lights come on and I do hear something running but think it is the power supply and no luck with the rgbi connector on my 1902 nothing except when I shut the computer off it does flicker so then I tried using...
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    New England Looking for these computers to finish off my Computer collection

    at least for the computers I really want to have Commodore SX64 Commodore Amiga 1200 Macintosh SE30 Apple IIc Plus I am really only looking for one thing at a time so right now I am really looking for Commodore SX64
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    My Very Big Vintage Computer Collection

    Without pics for now but list of what I have: Commodore VIC 20 complete with Box and 1541 II Drive, 14 Games Commodore 64 also complete with Box and 1541 Drive, 4 games Atari 520ST Zenith Workstation 386 Macintosh Classic maxed memory with Carrying case Macintosh Classic II Maxed Memory and...
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    What do you think of my PC and Mac collection?

    These are my computers Commodore 64 with Commodore Monitor and 5.25 Disk Drive Zenith Data Systems 386 16Mhz 1MB No HDD Macintosh Classic 4MB Ram and original 50MB HDD Macintosh Classic II 10MB Ram and Original 30MB HDD IBM PC Series 350-P75 75Mhz Pentium 128MB Ram original 530MB HDD added...
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    Need help deciding what Mac I need to get to cover certain era

    I'l m looking for a good mac that will cover everything from the end of Mac classics to the end of the G Imacs and Power macs when they started to use intel's but don't want one with an Intel though. P.S. I want one that can still burn floppies that can be read by the Mac Classic and Classic II.
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    Want to know how to put a 5.25 Floppy drive in my IBM PC Series 350 P75?

    I would like to put a 5.25 Floppy disk drive in my IBM PC Series 350-P75 75Mhz Pentium 128MB Ram, 530MB Original HDD and 10GB 2nd HDD I added, IBM G50 Monitor, Diamond Multimedia Sound Card. So I can play old 5.25 Floppy disk games for Windows / DOS.
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    Bought an Old Zenith 386 that I remember having as a kid and...

    Or at least pretty close to it anyways and need help figuring out what one I actually have and I know it is a 386 just not sure which one it is the one with 4 bays on the front and this is the Model number on the back: ZBF-3339-EK ? I would like some help figuring out exactly what it is and what...
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    Bought a Black G74 and it turns on and I hear it degausse like it should but no video

    IBM G74 Monitor Black Case Rare You can hear it degausse but no video or On Screen display at all and then a few seconds after I hear degausse I hear a click? It was a open box new old stock and the buyer said it worked when they shipped it and they tested it and everything inside looks brand...
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    I bought a Vintage IBM G40 Monitor for My IBM PC Series 350 and it won't turn on?

    It seems to have no power at all, I am trying to open it up and only see 2 screws and there is 2 slits on the top backside of the monitor that I think there is clips deep in it or something and my thin screw driver will not go far enough in to do anything can anyone help me?
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    Wanted a IBM P70 Vintage CRT for a IBM PC Series P75 Computer

    I would like a IBM P70 Monitor that would of originally come with the IBM PC Series 350 Desktop Computer so I have complete My original systems with original monitors that would've come with them! I would be willing to pay 100.00USD depending on condition. Please and Thank You!
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    Got new Logic boards with caps replaced for My classic and classic II now has

    a Question mark inside a floppy disk which is better then it was because before I got just vertical wide bars so now I think it might be HDD but don't even know if that was a problem before because when I bought it the guy one ebay had no idea about the history of it so I bought it and a the...