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  • Greetings from the sunny Boca Raton Florida, birthplace of the eternal IBM PC computer

    SOME COMPUTERS I OWN: IBM PC 5150(3), IBM 5155, IBM XT 5160(3), IBM5161, IBM AT 5170(2), Tandy 1000 RLHD, Tandy 1000 SL/2, Compaq Portable I, II and III, Compaq Deskpro386, Compaq PresarioCDS420, Emachines eOne, CompaqArmada 7700(2), CompaqArmada7800(2) and several clones and vintage laptops. A big collection of of 80’s and 90’s games and apps in original packages, some still factory sealed.

    Interests: Everything about 80's and 90's PCs. Hardware apps and games
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