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  • Even have a CPT Word Processing Manual that was used to teach secretaries how to use all the features of the CPT Word Processor, in scanned digital form. If you have a working CPT 8X00 this will be an early Christmas present! I will send for free - Just tell me where.

    P.S. Also have scanned schematics of all of the 8X00 circuit boards too.
    Hi Witchy, I had contacted you years ago and then have been offline for a while. I have CPT 8x00 program disks, i.e. boot disks. I can make you copies and send them to you. These disks can be created for you: CPT 8000 Program Rev H. CPT 8500 Program Rev. G. CPT 8X00 Diagnostics (Memory test, Floppy test, Display test, etc.)
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