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    Netronics Explorer/85

    Hello James, I was wondering if the Netronics EX-85 manuals.zip file is still available somewhere. The Drobox link no longer works. Thanks, Bill
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    Kaypro Z-80 CP/M Computer with Hard Disk

    For sale: I have a Kaypro (don't know the exact model number) with the hard disk. Works and boots CP/M. The outside is similar to this (this is a "stock" photo): The plastic insulation of the coiled cord to the keyboard has gotten sticky over the decades. I have various floppy images...
  3. wrljet

    Bunch of DRAM chips -- free -- local pickup in Wash DC area

    I've got a stash of DRAM chips I need to get rid of. They are free, local pickup only, in Bethesda, MD U.S.A. And a have some 8087 chips too I can throw in. Send me a private message if you want 'em. Numbers include: IBM 2164-20 TMS4164-20NL HM50256P-15 KM41256AP-12 and lots of others. Bill
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    FS: Compaq Deskpro 386

    I have a nice original Compaq Deskpro 386 I'd like to unload. This is the early original 386 PC, 16 MHz, no cache. Power supply has been carefully repaired and washed, fan replaced. It includes a fully populated optional memory daughter board. 4MB RAM. Also another spare board, with the...
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    IBM PC 5150 Original Box -- Free

    I have an original box for an IBM PC 5150 CPU. Just the box, the internal packing materials are long gone. It's been in the hot humid attic here for 29 years. There is some "foxing" or whatever it's called around the lower most inch of the box. "Easter" is written on one of the inside top flaps...
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    Windows For Workgroups 3.11, Windows 95, MS-DOS, Office 97 OEM packages

    These are in the original packaging. Shrinkwrap is broken on some from shop wear. WfW diskette packets are still sealed. MD-DOS (assume version 5 or 6, dunno, it's not written on the package) Windows For Workgroups 3.11 Windows 95 Office 97 Small Business Edition Pictures...
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    Dell Dimension R400 Pentium II Tower PC

    Free for local pickup only in Bethesda, Maryland USA. Dell Dimension R400 Pentium II Tower PC http://www.wrljet.com/PCs/DSC02003.JPG http://www.wrljet.com/PCs/DSC02004.JPG Pentium II, 400 MHz 256MB RAM CD-ROM drive and 3.5" floppy Ethernet card Hard disk about 40GB, boots DOS 7 (from Windows...
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    Magitronic 386 PC Clone

    Free for local pickup only in Bethesda, Maryland USA. Magitronic 386 PC clone http://www.wrljet.com/PCs/DSC02000.JPG http://www.wrljet.com/PCs/DSC02001.JPG http://www.wrljet.com/PCs/DSC02002.JPG AMD Am386 XL 40 MHz CPU 8MB RAM Combo I/O disk controller Trident VGA (not much memory on it)...
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    Two IBM PC XT's 5160

    I have IBM 5160 XT's that have to go due to major downsizing. Pictures: http://www.wrljet.com/PCs/ The chassis and internal components of both are very clean. Some I have washed, some were new when installed. One cabinet is pretty good. One has some small rust spots. Both have 8087 math...
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    IBM 5150 / 5160 and Clone Motherboards

    I have about eight or so assorted IBM PC (5-slot), XT (8-slot) motherboards, and Taiwanese turbo XT clones. The IBM ones are assorted part nr. and PCB colors. Some of these were tested and do work. A couple tantalum caps blew up, which I removed, and then they worked. After filling the...
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    IBM PC AT 8MHz with 287, 640K base, 1920K Extended RAM, VGA

    I need to unload an IBM PC AT. Nice clean restored system. Make offer. Pictures: http://www.wrljet.com/PCAT/ Due to size and weight (almost 50#), cost of shipping, and most of all my laziness, this is LOCAL PICKUP ONLY in Bethesda, Maryland USA. (right off the DC Beltway) All parts have...
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    Kaypro II - Working - Maryland USA

    I have a working Kaypro II with a boot disk to unload. $25. Bethesda, Maryland USA. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY Pictures: http://www.wrljet.com/freecycle/k21.jpg http://www.wrljet.com/freecycle/k22.jpg http://www.wrljet.com/freecycle/k23.jpg Not tested beyond what's shown in the first...
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    IBM PC Data Acquisition Board

    I have an IBM brand PC Data Acquisition ISA board and remote pod for sale. Includes the manual and software. I believe it to be unused. Pics: http://www.wrljet.com/ebay/dataacq (sorry, the image files are 5MB each, I forgot to resize them) Looking for local pickup in Bethesda, Maryland...
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    Northstar Horizon S-100

    I've got a Northstar Horizon to sell. Pictures here: http://www.wrljet.com/ebay/northstar/ Includes: - wooden cabinet - manuals - (2) 5-1/4" floppy drives - ZPB-A2 Processor Board - (2) RAM 16-A3 16K memory boards - MDS-AD3 Disk Controller - HRZ-MB-3 motherboard Came from a neighbor who...
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    IBM OS/2 2.0 Package

    I have IBM OS/2 2.0 in the box with manuals and 5-1/4" floppies. The floppy box is packed full but I didn't count or review them. Package says it's an upgrade. Must have DOS or OS/2 already installed on the hard disk to use. Picture here: http://www.wrljet.com/ebay/os2.jpg If...