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    Tandy 1400 Lo-Tech XT-CF Help

    I rebuilt the power supply when I got the machine (had some leaky caps), but I guess it doesn't hurt to check it again. I'll add it to the list for the first thing to do before plugging the replacement board in.
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    Tandy 1400 Lo-Tech XT-CF Help

    TexElec is graciously sending me a 2nd board so at least I can half-split and figure out if it's an issue with the card or my Tandy.
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    Tandy 1400 Lo-Tech XT-CF Help

    I just purchased one of these (fully assembled, ready to go) from TexElec for my 1400LT. I have the card installed now, and it's not functioning quite how I would expect. I'm hoping some of you may have seen this issue before and can point me in the right direction: Precursor: I have tried...
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    430FX head scratcher

    I'm the one who made the thread about the 430NX. I've got 4 boards now that all exhibit the exact same fault, and refuse to work properly with NOS/Glitch Replacement 12887s, but will "work" with their original Dallas chips (just not save any information, and have garbled data for time/date) -...
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    Unknown motherboard

    Looks to be a Tandy 2000. I've been working on one lately. I'd take a picture of it, but it requires a lot of disassembly :) The RAM modules and front-facing keyboard connector give it away. It's an interesting machine. 80186 CPU. MS-DOS compatible, but not 100% IBM Compatible. Uses 720k...
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    DG Nova racks in Cambridge MA

    I know the guy who won, they're going to a very good home to be restored, and might even show up at a VCF Exhibit someday :)
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    Woes with the 430nx Chipset - Ideas?

    I'm still looking for anyone who might have a 430nx with an intact RTC battery :D
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    Sensation Parts wanted

    It was their shot at a 486 machine. The early ones were actually made by Tandy, but then they dropped it and had AST build them. I've been looking for one (either Tandy or AST built model) for a little while now, without luck. They weren't rare when new, but they sure seem to be now. Seems...
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    VERY well kept vintage (working!) Motorola EXORset 35 to sell

    That is one hell of a machine. I would love to add that to my collection of obscure machines, but I'm pretty much out of play money for the next few months and even the shipping (or trip to pick it up) is beyond my means currently. I hope it finds a good home, it definitely deserves one.
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    New 5.25" DS/DD floppy disks for sale

    Nice. Going in half with a friend. 500 seems more than I'd ever need.. but 250? Yeah we can do that.
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    Wanted serial card TRS80 model4 26-1069

    The Model 4 had RS-232 built in to my knowledge. Was your daughterboard damaged or missing? The port should be on the bottom, next to the expansion port.
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    WTB Tandy Sensation

    I'm looking for a Tandy Sensation. 386 or 486 is ok, I'd prefer a real Tandy / pre-AST model, but beggars cannot be choosers, and I'll consider the later AST-made ones as well. I'm not trying to break the bank, but I realize these are pretty rare these days for some reason. They didn't seem...
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    Venix/386 Now on Internet Archive

    There is a pair of disks labeled "Basic networking" included. I never tried to get it going One person left a review on the archive stating "I was able to install Venix/386 into mame with the at386 machine and also the PCem emulator." No idea on Virtualbox.
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    Model 4 & M3SE question

    Yeah, the M3SE with autoboot ROM would get you up and going if you want to spend the money. Cheaper option is a Gotek with HxC or FlashFloppy like Larry said above. My machine has a HxC based gotek with a custom front panel I built, and I really don't feel I need more expansion or...
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    Model 4 upper drive problem

    My model 4 was the exact same way. I assumed something was wrong with the floppy controller. The :1 position would not work with any drive I installed (and I tried several compatible drives) I installed a HxC modded Gotek in the lower :0 position and haven't thought about it since.