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286 Upgrade memory with DIP RAM


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May 6, 2020
I have a motherboard that accepts SIPP ram memory or DIP RAM,
with the SIPP I have a lot of problems, application that blocks but not with the dip ram.

Is it possible to upgrade to 4MB with dip ram?

by default I had 1MB with DIP RAM which worked well.

8 DIP 20 pin M5M44256BP 117UAOU 8 (DRAM) and
4 DIP 16 pin P21256-08 K110 KOREA (DYNAMIC RAM)

What RAM DIP values should I use?

Thanks for your help.
Depends on if the board has enough sockets for 4MB, and how attached you are to that motherboard.
DIP does get rather expensive, and to reach 4MB you're talking about 36 chips.
Assuming the board is fitted with that many sockets, cost of DIP is still considerable.
If you're not emotionally attached to the motherboard, you're probably better off getting a board that accepts SIMMs.
Late 286 boards also works with 4MB SIMMs, so you can max out the board to 16MB.
i have only 8 chip, 8 socket only, and 4 socket for P21256-08, is limited to 1MB,
so, i can't put more dip for upgrade, problem resolved. Thanks