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3D printing TRS-80 Parts?


Space Commander
Jan 27, 2014
I have a crazy thought .... I have a Model III without the floppy drive chassis. I am about to get into 3D printing and was thinking it would be fun and interesting to try to print the drive chassis for the machine. The hardest part will be getting it all aligned since you can't really see inside the case to take measurements once you put the lid on. I was wondering if someone might be able to take some pictures of the drive chassis and perhaps take some measurements?

I might be way out of my depth since I haven't printed a single thing yet ... but it would be neat to install a drive or at least a Gotek into the machine. :)

Go for it. I would make it out of sheet metal, or angle stock depending what it looks like, but you could 3D print it just as well.