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5.25" Mitsumi D509V5 Problems


May 9, 2023
I have a D509V5 and once I figured out how to use ImageDisk I was able to run some tests.

When testing speed it varies between 310-340. I believe since it's a 1.2MB it should be running at 360.

When I do the alignment test it has problems at low and high number tracks but seems almost okay in the middle. I suppose that could be the speed causing it but I am surprised it's working at all with the wrong speed.

The drive spins fairly easily so I don't think it's dirty, although I don't have a lot of experience checking them. It doesn't seem any worse than some other drives I have.

The drive has a jumper block but the pins seem to almost all have solder and don't seem like they would accept jumpers.

The one jumper on the far left is labeled Ø so I believe it's phase. There are 3 pins and the jumper is on the middle and upper (labeled 1).

I've attached photos. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should check next?