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6502 RAM/ROM Boards for 1541, VIC-20, or PET


Veteran Member
Mar 6, 2012
Augusta, Georgia, USA
Hello friends,

I had some of Nicolas Welte's 6502 SRAM/ROM boards made so that I could play with DolphinDOS/SpeedDOS on my drives. I've tested SpeedDOS, DolphinDOS and S-JiffyDOS.

NOTE (!!) You do still require a parallel connection to the drive, and it must be soldered *under* the 6522 or be very low profile, because this board goes over top of the 6522 that needs the wires soldered. I suppose you could raise this board up with a socket or two to clear it, but I didn't try that.

It also works as a standard 8K RAMBoard for Maverick, etc. The actual SRAM capacity is 32k.

See here for how it can be used:

It works well, and of course it always makes more sense to order more than one, I have extra parts. I have enough parts for 3 complete builds, and 5 more blank boards.

If anyone wants one, let me know. I can build and test one for $50 or provide just the parts for $40, if you'd rather build yourself. Shipping will be USPS First Class domestic or International (my actual cost is all you pay).

Note that the GAL has to be (re)programmed for whichever machine you want to use it in, then the specific RAM/ROM config can be done from the jumpers. They will come programmed for the 1541 unless you specify otherwise.


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