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A Big C64/C128 Clearout

One Man Band

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Feb 19, 2009
Hi folks...

I’m (finally) going through all my retro/vintage stuff and have started a list. This is just the first couple of boxes, with about 6 more to go. 8-[

Everything is original, so if you’re interested in anything, please let me know. Everything else will be listed on eBay. Thanks for looking!

(I can provide pictures of any of these if you need them.)


Acro Jet
Blue Max
Clubhouse Sports
Computer Trivia
Dragons Lair
F15 Strike Eagle
Flight Sim 2 (x3)
Ghost Busters
Grover's Animal Adventures
High Roller
Hodge Podge
International Hockey
Micro League Baseball
On The Run
Raid Over Moscow
Sargon II (C64/Atari 800XL)
Silent Service
Slot Car Racer
Speed/Bingo Math
Street Sports Football
Strike Fleet
The Sentry - Gold Edition (US release of Geoff Crammond's The Sentinel) Complete with pin
Top Gun
World Class Leader Board
World's Greatest Baseball Game
X-15 Alpha Mission

Calc Result (comes with Cart)
Cave of the Word Wizard
Data Manager 128
Easy Finance 1
Easy Finance 2
Easy Finance 2 (older version)
Easy Finance 3
Easy Finance 5
Easy Lesson/Easy Quiz
Easy Mail
GEOS 128 (and 2.0)
Icon Factory
Intro to Basic - Part 1
Micro Astrologer
Mr. Nibble
Receivables for the Commodore 64
Ski Writer
Start Programming with Gortek and the Microchips
Swift Calc
Swift Calc 128
The Write Stuff
VIP Terminal
Word Machine/Name Machine
Word Machine/Name Machine (Different Packaging)
Word Writer
Word Writer 6
Word Writer 128

Cart - Fast Load Cart
Cart - Jupiter Lander
Cart - Lemans
Cart - Music Machine
Cart - Omega Race
Cart - Omega Race (no booklet)
Cart - Sea Speller (boxed)
Cart - Star Ranger
Cart - Super Smash
Cart - Viduzzles (boxed)

The Best of Micro - Vols 1, 2, 3
6502 Software Gourmet Guide & Cookbook - Robert Findley
Mapping the Commodore 64 - Sheldon Leemon
Commodore 128 Programmer's Reference Guide - CBM
Programming the 6502 - Rodnay Zaks
Advanced 6502 Programming - Rodnay Zaks
6502 Assembly Language Programming (2nd ed) - Lance Leventhal
6502 Assembly Language Subroutines - Lance Leventhal / Winthrop Saville
Commodore 128 Data File Programming - David Miller
25 Graphics Programs in Microsoft Basic - Timothy O'Malley

Embedded C - Michael Pont (unopened CD)
An Embedded Software Primer - David Simon
Embedded Systems Dictionary - Jack Ganssle / Michael Barr
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One Man Band

Experienced Member
Feb 19, 2009
More books:
101 Programming Tips & Tricks For the VIC-20 and Commodore 64 - Howard Adler
More Than 32 Basic Programs For The Commodore 64 Computer - Tom Rugg / Phil Feldman & Western Systems Group
COMPUTE!'s 128 Programmer's Guide - The Editors of COMPUTE!
Commodore 64 Programmer's Reference Guide - Commodore Computer
Commodore 64 Programs for the Home - Charles Sternberg
Creative Programming - Commodore 64 Vol. 1
Commodore 64 Programming: A Step-by-Step Guide Books 1 and 2 - Phil Cornes
I Speak BASIC to My Commodore 64 - Aubrey Jones, Jr.
The Commodore 64 User's Guide - Jonathan Sacks, with Mark Andrews
Free Software for Your Commodore - David Heller / Dorothy Heller

More Games:
Knights of the Desert (SSI - GIANT box)
Eagles (SSI - GIANT box)
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