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A. L. F. 2 scsi


Experienced Member
Sep 14, 2017
Hi and thank You for answering in advance

Do You have a manual for A2000 Zorro SCSI controller A. L. F. 2? Or known what the jumpers are for?

Just I have a problem with SCSI2SD. The Amiga is booting with Quantum hard drive(that was inserted many years ago with the controller) to "insert floppy screen". The hard drive is not fully working (on other controller it is showing error about Airlock), and Workbench don't boot. To protect hard drive from trying to boot without using and idle motor working, I disconnected it and connected SCSI2SD. I guess that probably the geometry and name of drive is at least fixed in some controller related thing, and as it is autobooting controller it look for it. Sadly I don't known how to disable, or boot to and use A. L. F. tools. Literally, despite I putted the name of hard drive, vendor, version and serial in SCSI2SD(that I known from connecting hard drive to other controller and computer) it still hangs, and I can't boot even floppy disks(which I can when the old disk is present).