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Add activity LED to MFM hard drive?

Agent Orange

Veteran Member
Sep 24, 2008
I usually have a "Yeah, right on!" mental reaction to your posts, and don't have much use for most PC nonsense myself, but I can see how some people, especially women, might be as annoyed/offended by casual use of the word 'rape' as they might by the 'F' word. Use whatever works for ya mentally, but something to keep in mind when using it verbally...

Hey Mike,

Let me enlighten you a little on how some others feel about that. I'm 70 come September. I spent 21 years in the US Navy - all in avionics. I been to more electronics schools than I care to count. The Navy used "crutches" way back when to help you remember things. "BAD-BOYS-RAPE-OUR-YOUNG-GIRLS-BUT-VIOLET-GIVES-WILLING-GET-SOME-NOW" was one of those teaching aids or more commonly, a crutch. It's part of the electronics services history and culture. You could take "kill the power", "abort the mission", or any number of colloquialisms and offend people too if you choose to push the issue. I don't think anyone was trying to offend your senses or embarass the lady folk.
Huh, interesting. The one they were using when I went through tech school in 2003 was "Better Be Right Or Your Great Big Venture Goes West". Remembering the tolerance colour codes was the user's problem.

In a similar vein, one of my programming instructors mentioned that the old terminology for "parent" and "child" used to be "father" and "son", in reference to such software concepts as trees and object inheritance, but it had to be changed in the 1990s when the whole Political Correctness hysteria swept through.