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Anybody need some disks for their Philips LaserDrive?


New Member
Jun 12, 2011
Hi Group. I have a IBM 5110 that I obtained as payment for programming in BASIC I did in 1979-1980 for a vending distributor. I have had it stored in a closet at room temp, wrapped in a blanket. I dont know if it works. A friend told me to wait until a tech goes over it to check it out. I would like to seel it if anyone is interested. You can contact me at floydvincent@verizon.net. Thanls!


Veteran Member
Oct 5, 2005
Hey Floyd, quite a few folks would be interested in the 5110. Not sure who would check it out and know enough about it other than yourself probably ;-) (your average tech today won't be familiar with the boards on that system). Either way yes it's a very neat and unique system. It doesn't go for as much as that one seller on ebay pretends but all in all it's still probably (depending on condition) worth $1800 or so... I think the last one I saw had a non working power supply and went for around $1400. Let us know or start a thread if you want to play around with it or decide to put it up for sale somewhere. Also pictures are the key to a good sale in any effort.