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Apple ][e setup For Sale


New Member
May 10, 2005
Hi I've got an Apple ][e setup For Sale

It includes:

1) Apple ][e with all the port caps, original box with matching serial number and original packing material, packing list, video cable and manuals.

2) Apple Green Monitor with original box and packing material. NO screen burn.

3) Apple Disk ][ with original box and packing material. (with Disks DOS 3.3 and ProDOS should be there.)

4) Apple (?) 80 Column Card

5) Digital (?) CPM Card (with Disks)

6) RANA Drive with original box (most of the cellophane still) and packing material (with disks)

7) Inmac Monitor Stand which holds the monitor and disk ][ above the Apple ][e.

8) Original Bill of Sales for the Accessories.

9) Manuals (should have all of them) with warranty cards.

10) Printer Port card don't recall what brand this was... but it has the original box for it and should have the disks also..

I have setup the computer and tried only Drive 1 to load an game to test and it works... Not sure if all of them worked but I tried the DOS 3.3 and it did work... sold as is - this is located in NYC area and all inquiries should goto ebaysh@gmail.com

This system was purchased from the original owner and this was originally purchased him from 10/84 through 12/84. It looks pretty clean as I've only glanced at it and will wipe it down. It is a NON-MODIFIED SYSTEM all original from what I can tell. There doesn't seem to be any scratches but of course I'd have to look carefully to check that and I assume there may be a scratch at least somewhere but the bottom of the Apple ][e looks clean.

Make your (serious) offer quick as it'll either sell or goto eBay...