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Apple II's and other stuff to give away in Montreal


Dec 6, 2009
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Hello everyone, I posted this on classiccmp, forgive me for crossposting.

Ok, I've been sitting on this stuff for a while now, it was supposed
to go to someone in upstate New York, but I haven't heard from him for
a while. I need to get rid of it to make room, so if someone wants to
take it, it's free to go.

This stuff is in Montreal. Pictures in

First is a German Apple IIe, came with a family that immigrated to
Canada in the 80's. Has a serial card, a Microsoft Softcard (CP/M and
possibly 80-col), a printing buffer and floppy. Comes with 2 drives,
bunch of original Apple floppies, documentation (including two books
for the softcard) etc.

Also I have an unlabeled II, probably a plus, likely a clone, built
from kit it seems. All chips are labeled and socketed (see picture) -
great care was taken to assemble this. With floppy card and two
drives. Also troubleshooting documentation, and some original manuals
for Ultima, Zork, and other games. Also comes with a green mono
monitor - that also has documentation which includes schematics. The
game connector is brought to the back to a DB-9, and there is a
homebrew joystick for it (made from an R/C stick and two pushbutton
switches in a hobby box).

Finally there is an unknown board, obviously a Apple II clone, but has
both a 6502 and Z80 on it. Strangely, no ROMs (except for char rom?)
but I have a unpopulated ROM card that may belong to it. Some
corrosion on the underside, it probably doesn't work anymore. Still
all chips are socketed, would be a good place to pull from. (The
other two are assumed to work, but haven't been switched on for many

I'd like to give all of this away as one big pile. There are also
boxes of floppies and other miscellany. Too large to ship, but can
fit into a car trunk easily.

Unrelated - but also free to good home - some old TRS-80 docs: Series
I Editor/Assembler, Level II Basic ref, Tiny Pascal User's manual,
"Getting started with TRS-80 Basic", "TRS-80 Graphics", VTOS 3.0
Operator's guide, and a "cheat sheet" for Scripsit. Could conceivably
be shipped.


Veteran Member
Mar 7, 2009
If you start shipping the items out peacemeal I'm interested in some. Can we get a picture of the monitor?

Microsoft Softcard
Monitor (depending on asthetics)
Disk drives

Were I within realistic distance of you I'd pick it up, but I'm not..

nige the hippy

Veteran Member
Apr 7, 2006
Luton UK
Hey that dual cpu board is really interesting, looks just like a II but with the Z80 where the roms should be. I'd agree the rom card could be part of this machine? If you don't get any other takers for the two bits would you consider a transatlantic ship?
I wonder if the apple clone is east german?


Dec 6, 2009
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Raven, I added a picture of the monitor and its manual. The Apple clone is driving it. I found the "9" key is not working...

BTW, it's definitively a North american machine (as is the dual-cpu board), only the IIe came from the german family (I immigrated a year or two later with them, and was a diehard commie (in the C= sense, not in the east-german sense) :) so I brought over a C64/1541 instead!