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  • Hey NeXT, I saw your thread on building a current loop adapter so I figured you might be the right person to help me setup a small current loop to RS232 so that I can hook up a terminal to my KIM-1. I am a vintage computer collector, but a novice at building anything...

    Jeff Nay
    The Hackery
    304 Victoria Drive. I am no longer employed by them but they are still the the computer business.
    Hi. You had mentioned a computer recycling shop around Hasting and Commercial several times in earlier postings. I'm in Van for a couple of weeks and unfortunately I left the address on my desktop, and haven't been able to find a listing in the phone-book. Could you give me the address or even the street intersection it's near ? Thank you.
    That's a cool profile picture! I don't have that many HDDs, probably only about 40 or 50 :/
    You inspire me to hoard more.
    Between $50 and $1000, really depends on how well advertised it was and the condition.
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