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Mid Atlantic Apple Laser Writer Printer w/ orig box. needs repair or can be used for parts. free w/ local pickup

Covers: New York, Pensylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.


New Member
Jul 22, 2022
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In Country Shipping or Local Pickup
Hi everyone. I have a Apple Personal LaserWriter printer up for grabs.
here are some pictures of the printer. If you are tech repair savvy or need the parts, this can be yours. I would like to save this from going to ewaste or the dump. I would much rather have this go to someone who could actually use it. Basic initial look over, this will need new capacitors and does not currently power on. i am located in Rochester, NY so local pickup. or if you really want it and cant come out here to me, msg me so we can work out shipping.
https://imgur.com/wwNDG20 https://imgur.com/AuaWbXb https://imgur.com/s3VqG0d https://imgur.com/8jTbtOy https://imgur.com/WNYXQgH https://imgur.com/FWRrrcV

feel free to contact me if you would like any other pictures or have any questions.


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Apr 22, 2021
Philly, USA
A weird disparity I noticed recently was selling a computer on FB Marketplace that I ended up shipping from PA to FL. The shipping charged to the buyer I think was around $19. If I shipped that via UPS or FedEx it probably would have been around $30-40 given the size of the box. I just printed out the FB label and used that. Might be something to experiment with - listing on FB marketplace for $1 and see what the shipping is quoted at. Just an idea - especially for something seriously heavy like that. Or for anyone else looking to ship a semi-heavy computer.