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Apple2Online.com Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary


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Jan 13, 2009
Charlotte NC
On 01 April 2015, www.Apple2Online.com celebrates it’s 5 year anniversary online. During those 5 years, the site has had over 72,000 visitors, or an average of 14,400 visitors/year and that number continues to grow. A2OL has added 1,086 original high quality PDF files over it’s many file libraries with the help of over 40 contributors.

In addition to documentation, software & games libraries, libraries dedicated to MECC Educational Software, Beagle Bros, Pinpoint Publishing, Applied Engineering, and Penguin/Polarware have been established to highlight their contributions to the history of the Apple II family. And with the special contribution by Mark Pelczarski of Penguin/Polarware, both his book, “Graphically Speaking” and the never-before released program code listings from the book are now available on A2OL!

A major effort was started in 2012 to collect, scan and make available the magazine collections of The Apple IIGS Buyer’s Guide (16 of 19 issues are currently available), inCider (123 of 127 issues are available), Open Apple/A2 Central (all 101 issues are available) and A+ Magazine (10 of the 67 issues are currently available). In 2015, the major effort will be to complete the PDF creation of the remaining issues of A+ Magazine to complete that library.

No anniversary celebration would be complete without acknowledgement of those who contributed in various ways to the success of Apple2Online.com. They are (in alphabetical order): Nick Adams, Cyril Bodnar, Ryan Boyd, Arnaud Brossard, Eric Bush, Randy Carlstrom, Bernard F. Chaudoir, Clay Cummings, Ed Floden, Michaud Francois, Keith Golan, Digisoft Innovations, Mark Guerrero, Chris Hoaglin, Virgil Kerr, Mike Maginnis, Michael Mahon, Jim Maricondo, Alain Marmion, Rich Martin, François Michaud, Ted Minchev, Jim Mitchelson, Brian Noller, Paul Ogren, Shaun Olson, Bryan Palmer, Mark W. Pelczarski, Howard J. Poe, Javier Puerta, Clint Rice, Neil Shapiro, Wayne Stewart, Vets for Success, Antoine Vignau, Georg Wartenberg, Karl-Heinz Weiss, George Wilde, Steve Wilder, Huw Williams, Colin Williamson, Karlton Wirsing, and Olivier Zardini.