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AST Advantage! Adventure 8066d, setting serial/asset tag?


Experienced Member
Mar 29, 2009
Sweden, way up north
Hi all,

I just acquired this AST 486. It's a lovely machine but on every boot I am greeted with this message
11.31 The serial number and asset management tag are no longer valid.
Followed by 2 beeps and I have to press F1 to continue.
And needless to say it's driving me nuts!

The BIOS setup shows empty fields for both these values, but they are read only there and I cannot set them from there. I just replaced the CMOS battery so it's pretty obvious why they are gone, but I've been googling and downloading AST stuff all day and I still can't find a working utility that allows me to set these values. The ones I've tested error out one way or another, probably because they're just not written to work with this particular machine.
This system seems to be a bit of an oddball, I can't find much about it at all.

Any suggestions?