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Asus Eee PC


Experienced Member
Aug 3, 2003
I have an eee and I like it. It is the original 7" screen version and I have XP and 2gig RAM installed and I turned virtual memory off to save on the storage. There is a finite number of writes a solid state drive can write before it starts to go. Mine is also hacked with a SD card and driver hack that makes it look like an internal drive. This way, I can install software onto it (sometimes you can't install software onto a removeable drive).

Anyways, I also have a full sized laptop. The advantage is, if I'm taking a short trip and don't need a lot of power, the eee is perfect for travel and easy to carry around. For longer trips that I need the storage, DVD, etc I use my full size laptop.

If you need parts, check ebay or there are eee pc forums where people part out their broken machines. I would like to try the 9" version out to see if I would like that one a little better. The screen resolution is the major drawback to the eee 7".

The quality is really good, in my opinion, it doesn't feel fragile like most laptops do. Ultra portables are not for everybody, so I suggest you go to a store and really play with one before you buy. I personally like the small keyboard, other people hate it. Overall, I say this is one of the standout computers over the last few years.


Terry Yager

Veteran Member
May 1, 2003
Saginaw, MI, USA 48601
OK, my $.02...
She has had an Aspire One for a few months, and she really likes it, so I took hers for a test drive yesterday. That's it! This is going to be my next computer, even without much comparison shopping. The keyboard is good for me, but I'm accustomed to a compact kbd anyways. The keys are all the right size and in the right places, with the exception of the backspace, which is a little too far to the right. but I can learn to live with it (although, given my typo rate, it's prob'ly the one key I use the most).
My major complaint is with the pointing device, specifically the buttons. They are located directly adjacent to the pad, and the same height, which makes them hard to distinguish from the pad itself, so I end up either looking at it, slowing me down, or feeling around fro the button, which also doesn't work, since it moves the cursor before I find the button. Very annoying, but I can fix that by putting something on the buttons to change the feel and make them easier to find. All in all, I like it a lot.