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  • Heya Terry,

    I haven't been to the forum for a while now...
    Just wanted to say hello and wish you
    good health and happiness.

    ziloo :)
    Hey Terry,

    I know you haven't been up to logging on lately. Lots of folks are hoping you're well and wondering if there is any contact info for ya. Let us know or if there's anyone you trust to log on for ya if they can relay us something a few folks I think would like to send their best either via phone or snail mail.

    Take care!
    - John
    We're all thinking about you bud. I don't know how severe things are but I absolutely hope things are getting better for ya. Even if the blasted speech to text stuff isn't workin. Someone else on the forums recently had a good experience using native software built in to Windows 7 on a laptop that I think worked fine for them. Not sure if you have any hardware laying around that could handle that.

    Get better soon and send us a note from time to time if you have a chance. :) Or have someone else type it up for ya.
    Hey Terry, Jim W here. I haven't talked to you for quite a while, not since I published the book 4 years. Have some exciting news, talk to you after you answer this. Regards, Jim
    Terry, I haven't been around a while, but I was wondering if you could help me with dBase problem I have, can't seem to get a full screen view, even when I go to the set mode and change it to Ecolor43, I don't know who else to ask.

    Thanks so much,
    Terry--The forum is amuck without your moderation, cheap shots, and sarcastic replies. If you don't come back soon, I fear we will not make it to 2010, let alone the end of 2012. Plus, thanks for the Vic 20 supply, Donkey Kong is totally bitchin'.
    Terry, you still there? I lost your address, still looking for it else I would have sent a letter. Anybody home??
    Good Lord - this forum is being Spammed bigtime! :-o

    BCialis & that other Cialis dude needs banning - and I guess it's Admin's Job! :-o
    Terry, I must apologise for the last time a long time ago, you had asked me what tribe I was from and Vlad made me so mad by censoring totally ligit stuff that I was flabberglasted, thus I went back in my shell and decided not to be friends with anyone. I am back with a roar and dab nag it I'm gonna make a senior member, that's my goal, I hope you help me and I promise I won't quit this time!!!! and whoever wants the compaq, which by the way when you plug in all the power sources, lights all come on, just the moniotor is brokan, whoever wants to pay for postage can have it, it;s worh the extera battery for that. Oh will, I'm glad I got over it and I'm glad I'm back.
    I don't come on here much, but I checked a few times in the past few weeks. I called your cell a few times, but got immediately disconnected (or suffin). Good to see yer still kickin.
    You know you know who this is. Yoopuh-man LOL LOL LOL LOL
    Is a Mac IIsi (1990-1993) too new for this board? I've got one that I would like some advice on getting working.

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