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Atari 520ST Keyboard Dust Cover


New Member
Feb 12, 2010
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NYC ww2w(dot)ham(at)gmail(dot)
Geek Peeps, my brothers 520ST is long gone but for some reason I came across the keyboard cover.
I heard that these are hard to come by. my brother drank a lot of coffee so there is a very feint stain on the back but no bleed through.
It shows only a tiny bit of wear. The ATARI 520ST is displayed by some computer museums. A cover would be a nice addition. If you know of a place I don't have the time to bother with ebayt & ripoff inc. I will sent it to you for $15 which includes the shipping. I am not making a killing on this. I could use it on my PC keyboard and look cool but so can you my big gamer. ;)
See my email on the right where my location is. Nuff said. my brother still has the Atari 800 in damn good shape. Sorry, you will have to pry that out of his cold hands. I am not sure people are supposed to not sell things here. The agreement to register made no mention of it.
If not, I will pull this. This is a friendly transfer of something that would otherwise collect dust. If you place it on an Atari 500ST, take a photo of it for me. that would be cool especially if it is in a computer museum!
Thanks a bunch y'all!
Tony in Brooklyn, NYC