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Atari 800 function switch 'washers' ?


Experienced Member
Mar 27, 2017
So I've just started to rebuild an Atari 800 (original, not an XL), and one thing that I thought would be on the agenda is to replace the 'Option' switch on the power supply board. The key was sticking down and wasn't operating correctly. However, upon disassembling I discovered that the switch was just fine, but three of the four function keys are missing the 'washer' (no doubt there's a better term for it) that slides over the stem of the switches to provide a base for the stem of the keycap.

I don't think that a standard washer would do the trick (assuming I could find one that fits dimensionally), as the original is quite thin. Any suggestions as to how I might secure replacements, or what to try as an alternative? Thanks...