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Backing up TI cassettes


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Dec 31, 2015
East PA
My cassettes and/or cassette player are becoming unreliable. I wanted to try to back up on something other than cassettes. Needed to find something that was not stereo or would need stereo / mono jack adapter. I tried a small digital voice recorder I ordered used on ebay. Once I loaded the cassette program, I saved it on the voice recorder.
It worked great! I also want to try to back up on a cd sometime using a mono adapter.


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I've been doing this for some time with my Epson HX-20 computer, as the built-in microcassette has a failed drive band. Not found that Mono/Stereo makes any difference at all. I use a rather fancier digital recorder, as I just happened to have access to that. I can set it to record mono, but the default is stereo and it just means the stored file is bigger, but space on the SD card is not an issue, if it is I can easily convert the saved file to mono, or even reduce the stored 'quality' from the default 44k even down to 11k. The data stored at 11k, 8 bit, mono still loads back fine, even if it was originally saved at the default of 44k, 16 bit, stereo but 1/16th of the size. You don't even need the special device to Play/LOAD the file back, any media player on a PC will play it back. Handy for sending the saved prog(s) or data via email. If you want it on a CD, just copy the digital file to as many other staorage devices as you wish.