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Best PC gaming controller in 2020?


New Member
Apr 2, 2018
Used to be the case that a wired Xbox 360 controller was best for many of us. It works by default in many games without extra software. Downside has always been the crappy d-pad.

It appears that folks have moved onto the Xbox One controller as the new champ for PC games. Some people liked the PS4 controller as well. It probably works fine for Steam games as Steam now has config software for it. But not sure how well it works with games outside Steam (examples, Epic or Ubisoft game launchers).

So question 1 is to rank the following 3 PC game controllers:
Xbox 360
Xbox One

Worth mentioning is that I own a 360, PS4, but not an Xbox One.

Second question: is there a calibration program to check if my old Xbox 360 wired controller is working right? It seems like the left analog is "sticking" as in some games I noticed slight onscreen movements when the left analog is untouched. Would it be worthwhile to disassemble and clean the controller? I have gotten 11 years of use out of it. So if it is worn out and needs replacement, that is okay, certainly got my money's worth out of the controller.


Feb 20, 2020
Rome, Italy
I think that Xbox one controller is much better than the 360 version. The d-pad has been improved a lot! Also, if you're into retro gaming, I suggest to grab an 8Bitdo M30 2.4G: it works wirelessly with the mega drive / genesis, and wired with a pc. It's very cheap and you'll love it!!