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Bicc Vero Verospeed Speedwire prototyping boards contacts


Experienced Member
Nov 4, 2012
This hurts, downsizing has now reached all my Speedwire prototyping boards etc.

Speedwire is by far the best method of prototyping electronics. It uses press fit contacts like high quality sockets but on the reverse are two insulation displacement connectors. These are arranged either side of a cylindrical contact so when the wire is pushed in there are four contact points. The cylindrical contacts also prevent any fretting of the wire and shorts, unlike wire wrap.

A brief inventory is:

Pin number labels and design sheets.
3 blank unpopulated Eurocard boards
7 wired Eurocard boards
1 unused PC AT board with PGA area
1 unused PC AT board without PGA area
3 wired PC AT boards with PGA
1 wired PC AT board without PGA
3 in house PC AT boards for DSP56001 and PGA area
1 contact bench press
3 full reels of contacts.
1 wiring pen
1 PC AT extender board
10 miscellaneous Veroboards, 0.1", 0.15" plus other odds and ends.

Any interest? Will be looking for £1000 for the lot. If no interest then shan't waste any more time on checking it all over.

Easy postage within the EU, but expensive outside.