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Book review -- "Videogames: In the Beginning"


VCFed Founder
Aug 14, 2003
New Jersey
This probably should be in the 'reviews' forum but I'm going for mass awareness here. :)

I posted a review of Ralph Baer's new autobiography, "Videogames: In the Beginning" at http://news.computercollector.com -- Baer invented the famous "Brown Box" prototypes which became the Magnavox Odyssey. Now, before you say "So what, the Odyssey sucked," understand that Baer made his prototype YEARS before it came to market -- so many years, in fact, that he can rightfully claim to be first -- the father of home videogames. This was also years before Bushnell has the arcade-machine concept; Bushnell even admits that the Odyssey prototypes were his inspiration. (Baer discounts the 1950s "tennis" game at Brookhaven Labs and even "Spacewar" from the MIT hackers, which I strongly disagree with, and say so in the review.)

Anyhow, it's a really good book. Please check out the review.

CP/M User

Veteran Member
May 2, 2003
Back of Burke (Guday!), Australia
Re: Book review -- "Videogames: In the Beginning"

"mobilemaster" wrote:

> This probably should be in the 'reviews' forum but I'm going for mass
> awareness here. :)

The reviews section was initally setup for reviews - not links to reviews, such issues could be discussed in the Links section.

CP/M User.