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C, on which is written in (at least most of) Oracle 2.32


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Mar 23, 2021
Samara, Russian Federation
Did some digging in my files :)

Whitesmiths C 2.1

In addition to the actual compiler and OTS, a number of source codes. As far as my memory tells me, at least SOME of the C sources are restored from the obj modules by me. I will not assure you that everything :) You can also see that the process continued for some time and even (sort of) one of the .SAV files was restored

In general, anyone who is interested can have some fun, but it’s almost useless to torment me with questions - firstly, not a C programmer, secondly, it was almost 30 years ago .. I’ll remember something - I’ll make a post :) Well, or if I find something more on this topic