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CCPZ version 2.8 source code?


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Jan 21, 2008
Western Norway
Does anyone know if the source code for CCPZ version 2.8 is available anywhere?

I'm interested in this as I've found that the CCP in the CP/M clone TIKO is based on this exact CCP-replacement. I'd love to compare the source code to a dissasembly, and check how much is actually changed. I know for sure that later versions added a few system-spesific things, but otherwise I don't really think it's too different at all. From what I see from the update logs of CCPZ, TIKO has all the additions as of version 2.8 except for the DFU command, but not the minor optimizations found in the source code of version 2.9.

To be honnest I find this a bit unfortunate as CCPZ seems to have been released as public domain software. I'm not surprised, as the two games that came with TIKO are also public domain CP/M software with graphical shells. TIKO was for sure sold comercially, so you can question the ethics on the decission to put slightly modified, uncredited public domain software in there.

To see for yourselves, there is a chunk of the CCPZ sourcecode on the tail of the boot track from the latest release of TIKO. I've since been able to locate this code in a dissasembly of the CCP-equivalent binary, and it's absolutely in there.
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