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Changing screen resolution in Solaris 7

Dmitriy Krotevich

Experienced Member
May 14, 2013
St.Petersburg, Russia
I want to try OpenStep workspace environment for Solaris on my Ultra 10 with Solaris 7. Ive installed all necessary packages but still unable to execute starting script because it needs the screen resolution to be changed to 72x72 dots per inch. My current resolution is 90x90 dpi. I only know how to change screen resolution in pixels, but if i change resolution from 1280x1024(current) to, say, 1024x768, resolution in dots remains same. Yes, I can also modify the Openstep starting script to make it ignore resolution. Openstep starts up, but the screen layout is a mess and many workspace elements become unclickable:


So anyone knows how to change screen resolution in dots?


Veteran Member
Feb 22, 2011
NorthWest England (East Pondia)
There will be an X config file somewhere but it will be the client end config you need to set. Is there an Xorg.config or something similar in your profile?

I would try something like:-

find -name "X*" -print

I know that's not modern solaris but it works. Also make sure you have a means to recover should you mess it up...

(Note that's an upper case X,...)