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Classic Computer and Gaming Flea Market (Part 2)


New Member
Jun 28, 2005
Half Moon Bay, California
Here's a quick follow up for any who care.

First, thanks to Steve Stengel and Bob Rosenbloom for coming by and hauling some of this stuff off ;) A lot of rare and cool TI-99 and S-100 stuff is now gone.

But, I still have plenty of systems and parts left. The Northstar Horizon box is sitting here, and it works and has a ton of add-in cards and documentation. Look at all the S-100 boards I still have:

1 IMSAI RAM-4A 4K Ram board (C) 1976
1 Polymorphic Systems Video board (C) 1976
1 Processor Technology 4K Ram board (C) 1976
1 PSS Ram-8 8K Ram board
1 Vector Graphic 12K PROM/RAM board w/V1MON v2.16
1 Macrotech Dual Processor CPU board
2 Vector Graphic 16K Static RAM board
1 Godbout M-Drive/H 512K Disk Emulator board (C) 1982
1 CompuPro CPU 8080/8085 Dual Processor boar
1 CompuPro Disk1 Controller board (C) 1981
1 CompuPro Disk1A Controller board (C) 1984
1 Northstar Computers Z80-A Processor board (C) 1977
1 Northstar Computers Micro Disk Controller (C) 1978
1 CompuPro System Support1 (math, clock, rs232, 4k ram/rom, timers)
1 Scitronics Inc. Real-Time Clock
1 CompuPro Ram16
1 CompuPro Ram17

I still have the Apple II (loaded, works great), Apple III (I think it works, plus I have a spare motherboard, power supply, and ram card for it), an HP85, an HP Portable running HP-UX, a nice, fully working Tandy Model 4 with lots of software, including Visiscalc, a bunch of Motorola EXORciser boards and docs, a very rare Atari Laser printer, lots of SparcStation 10/20 systems and modules, lots of early Macintosh systems, an AT&T Unix PC, tons of 8-bit systems and software and peripherals, game systems and carts, arcade PCBs, tube radios, etc., etc., etc....

I've been asked about possible trades, and the answer is YES. I will consider trades. Mostly though, all I'd be interested in are notebook PCs (Pentium 200Mhz minimum though), PCMCIA cards (audio, ethernet, SCSI, whatever else you might have), and maybe some shortwave or ham radios and/or gear (whatcha got?), and perhaps some Playstation2 or XBox games if you have any.