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Collection of Vintage IBM Technology Prints


New Member
Aug 27, 2004
Montreal, Canada
Collection of 25 Vintage IBM Technology Prints for sale

This is print no 13/25 ( IBM 3380 thin film R/W head )


This top quality vintage technology artifact is being sold :

It is a limited quantity promotional folder made for IBM Belgium showing the early 80's then state of the art technology. The folder contains 24 color prints and a two pages folded legend. The folded legend itself and each one of the prints shows a color photograph taken by the famous american photographer Erich Hartmann died in 99. The folder is built like a book-box and contains both the prints and the two pages folded legend. Both the folder, the prints and the folded legend are made of glossy thick art paper.

It was deposited in 1983 at the Royal Library of Belgium ( KBR ) as follows :

Title : The art of technology
Author : C. A. De Meyer
Editor : IBM Belgium, 1983
Collation : 24 p. in map : ill. ;51 X 36 cm
Reference : BD 25.308/22 (Magasin - Bibliographie de Belgique, Dépôt légal)
Subject : Computers

Dimensions :

The prints are approximately 18 X 13 3/4 in.
The image areas on the folded legend and on
the prints are approximately 9 1/2 X 7 1/4 in.

Images of the prints can be seen on the Web at this private address ( the legend follows ) :


Note : Optional and confidential comments to my attention can be entered at the end of the page.

Legend :

Picture no. Description

01 - Image of print on the folded legend.
02 to 25 - Image of prints no 1 to 24.
26 - Credits ( in french and flemish )
27 - Folder ( face )
28 - 29 Legend of the prints ( in french and flemish )
30 - Title on the folded legend
31 - 32 Warnings ( in french and flemish )
33 - 35 Minor damages on the back of print no 07.

Signature or markings :

The folder and each one of the prints show the title, "The art of technology"; each one of the prints shows a print number ( from 1 to 24 ) that correspond to the legend.
The folder itself shows :

The Editor responsible : Michel Oleffe
Communications Dept.
IBM Belgium
1 Square Victoria Regina
1030 Bruxelles
Graphics : France Bage
Photos : IBM, Erich Hartmann
Printing : Druco-Halle
Dépot légal : D-FN-83-0592-3

All the writing, except the title, are in French and in Flemish, the two belgian national languages.

As an important IBM customer I was given these prints by my IBM representative in 1983.

These prints were made for IBM Belgium in limited quantities in view of distribution to selected customers.

I am not aware that these prints have ever been included or referred to in any magazine, book or catalogue.

Additional information :

Erich Hartmann is the world famous photographer author of "In the camps" and "Where I was", among others; also he was the photographer for few US post stamps on Rachel Carson
( http://www.planetaryexploration.net/patriot/stamps/carson_rachel_stamps.html ) and the President of Magnum photo .
I have put a few bookmarks relative to Mr Hartmann at the end of this document for you to look at.
The prints set title is "The Art of Technology"; I found no reference at all of these prints anywhere on the net with the exception of the Royal Library of Belgium reference described above.
I think these prints are very valuable pieces of art; among other reasons is that they show the late 70's and early 80's technology in such a way that it looks as beautifully impressive ( if not more ) as the 2004's technology. Here is the web address of the Royal Library of Belgium : http://www.kbr.be/
Here is the web address of the prints, at the Museum :
Here are few bookmarks related to Erich Hartmann :

Magnum photos corporate : http://www.magnumphotos.com/c/Home_MAG.aspx?Stat=Menu_Home
E. Hartmann portfolio : http://www.magnumphotos.com/c/htm/TreePf_MAG.aspx?E=29YL53UIX@4
E. Hartmann orbituary : http://boothbayregister.maine.com/Obituaries/by_name.html?obituaries.title=Erich.20Hartmann
E. Hartmann Art Center in Italy : http://www.uwcad.it/school/artcenter.htm
E. Hartmann self-portrait : http://popeye.uwcad.it/~nv/moltociao_emergency/mc28-02-03/hartmann.htm
E. Hartmann photos for Schlumberger : http://www.slb.com/ir/ar/ar96/feature/smartcard2.html

Please contact me ( arnold007@videotron.ca ) if you are in need of more information.
Thanks for your interest !


New Member
Aug 27, 2004
Montreal, Canada
Collection of 25 Vintage IBM Technology Prints for sale

Collection of 25 Vintage IBM Technology Prints for sale

The Prints are not for sale anymore as one of my relatives has shown an interest for them. :idea:

Please contact me ( arnold007@videotron.ca ) if you are in need of more information.

Thanks for your interest ! :D