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Computer Systems Associates Motorola 68K Trainer


Veteran Member
Feb 1, 2010
Central VA
HUGE two-board Motorola 68K trainer:

DSC03373.jpg DSC03376.jpg DSC03378.jpg

I've found several magazine ads offering this trainer for $1000-1500 in the early 80's. Apparently it includes the Pete Bug keyboard monitor and Macs Bug serial monitor. Two RS-232 interfaces, 32-bit parallel I/O, Versabus compatible. Both boards, power supply, connecting ribbon cable, and a Versabus connector are included. The power supply is functional, but a little rough -- looks like it's probably missing an enclosure plate, and the previous owner "replaced" it with heavy clear tape.

This one powers up with "68000 uP" and responds to keypresses. The 68K is in a ZIF socket (didn't know they made 'em that big!) -- it's ceramic, but has a convenient pin designation label stuck to the top from Computer Systems Associates.

Asking $150 + shipping, trades/offers considered!


Veteran Member
Feb 7, 2014
Melbourne, Australia
Hi there,

if you have not yet shipped it can you tell me the Serial Number of the Display & Keyboard PCB.

I have one marked Display and Keyboard (model ?) 00106 J
and its serial number is B 1284
copyright CSA 1981

also mine has a 'Serial Display Interface" PCB piggybacked on LH side of the Display and Keyboard (model ?) 00106 J
this is talking to the 68000 board by a 20pin flat ribbon cable.

I have no docs on it at the moment, but hope to find some one day.


PS pass on to whom ever bought your unit to CHECK the 3AG Mains Fuse. Mine was a 3 amp one, and by the marking on the Power Supply PCB, should have only been 1.6A for 110 vac 60Hz or 0.6A for 240vac 50Hz.

Also I found a LOT of dry joints on the power supply PCB especially on the power resistors and the Transformer.
Be good idea to resolder all joints on the PSU PCB. also maybe change some of the Electros.

Power supply input fuse holder has a 110V to 240V removable PCB link plate.

hope this extra info helps the new buyer.