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Crazy SNES auction completed at over $5k USD on eBay!


Veteran Member
Aug 15, 2006
Puget Sound region, WA, USA
I had been keeping an eye on an SNES auction on eBay that included a brand new system with tons of brand new games and accessories... Last time I checked before it ended it was in the $2k range....

I just checked to see what it ended at and it did so at the insane price of $5,100 USD!

I'm not sure if the high bidder will follow through, but the second "high bidder" seems to have been a troll account that bumped the price from around $2800 up to $5000 with 2 chunk bids...


I'm sorry, but regardless of how new that system is I do not value it that high... There's even multiple copies of some of the games, so they're not all unique... And only a handful are good games that sell for substancial amounts on eBay new.

Lord Moz

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Oct 20, 2009
I guess I'm just missing something... not seeing why anyone would pay that kind of change on something to put on a shelf that isn't really all that "displayable" for lack of a better word. For me anyway, most of the reason to collect those kinds of things are to use them, show them (being used) to other people, etc. If I was just going to "have" something, I'd rather "have" $5,100 in the bank than a bunch of video games all sealed up still.

I don't know if it's just me, but I would always have a nagging curiousity if they were actually real items inside those boxes... Shroedinger's Cat of collectibles!

To each their own though...


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Sep 11, 2009
Boy I'd be pissed to think I was going to make $5K only to have the bidder fail me (well, unless I guess the whole thing was just a troll account that bumped it up and went too far or some silly story like that)