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DEC Rainbow User's Guide


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May 21, 2006
Niskayuna, NY
I found this yesterday while looking for information on the DEC Rainbow. I thought it was pretty good... especially considering the way the *actual* manuals for this machine are written.
The Advanced User's Guide to the DEC Rainbow PC100 User's Guide


Chapter 1.
How to Use this Book...2
How to Get Help...3
Book Organization...5
Conventions Used...43

Chapter 2.
Getting Started...76
Chapter 2 Layout...76
How Chapter 2 Differs from Chapter 1...88
How to use the Rainbow On/Off Switch...94
Using the "Return" key...112
What To Do Next...120

Chapter 3.
Using the User's Guide...143
How to Use Chapter 3...143
Detailed Description of Chapter 3...165
Why Chapter 3 Is So Important...185
How To Get Help Using Chapter 3...190
Summary of Chapter 3...192
What To Do Next...195

Chapter 4.
Advanced User...202
Intended Reader...202
What To Do Next...202

Appendix A. Using a Book...203


Copyright Notice: No part of this book may, for any reason or in any circumstances, be copied, transmitted, reproduced, reprinted, or recorded in any form or by any means or method, including, but not limited to, photocopying, recording on any information or retrieval system, copying by any means whether mechanical or electronic, or verbally communicating any part, portion, or subset of this book in any form. Digital Equipment Corporation makes no claims, either explicit or implied, as to the suitability, quality, completeness, correctness, usefulness, or taste of this or any other product.

Chapter 1. Introduction

In this chapter, you will read an introduction. It also provides some practical experience in using a book. If you are unfamiliar with the use of a book, refer to Appendix A, "Using a Book."

How To Use This Book

To use this book, you must begin by doing the following:

1. Buy the Advanced User's Guide to The Rainbow PC100 User's Guide, DEC part number G45-435600123-TRY09879-34563-2-12

2. Remove the Guide from its box. This is most easily done by a) opening the box, b) grasping the Guide with your right hand, and c) pulling the Guide from the box.

3. Turn to Chapter 1, page 2. Look for the place that says, "4. Begin reading...."

4. Begin reading. Complete details on how to read may be found in any Elementary School education.

How To Get Help

If at any time you need assistance with this Guide call the DEC help number. Complete details on how to use a telephone to call DEC may be found in the manual "How To Use a Telephone to Call DEC."