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Midwest DEC system, tape library and cabinet keys

Covers: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio


Apr 1, 2023
Milwaukee area
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Many are DEC related as they were all in the same package of my work stuff, altho that means some of them could have just been for my desk drawers over the years. ;-))

3-newer Vax cabinet hex keys
2-Tape magazine "numbered 603"
7-Tape magazine "numbered 819"
2-brass key 01135E
1-brass key DE-S
2-brass key C415A
4-silver key 250
1-silver key 226
7-brass key CH751 older Vax cabinets
4-brass key WN01
8-Multiple colored plastic keys
2-silver key FH032
1-"Master" labeled key (think it's DEC desktop PC's)
1-external spring round barrel, unlabeled

The three on the end of the middle row are questionable use for DECies in my opinion.

I'm thinking these are free as long as you pay for shipping (or pickup near Milwaukee).

BUT, if you are truly interested in just one type where multiples exist, let someone else have some.