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Decent socket 370 motherboard in Baby AT form factor.


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Feb 17, 2013
Yeah. Best thing to do is make a list of the stuff you ACTUALLY need and just keep an eye for when it's on for a good price.
I actually picked up my HP 16500B at a local retro-computer meet. The guy had a second one and wanted to get rid of it, and I offered him $100, he said, "sold!" I was looking at cheap USB logic analyzers online, but this was the right thing at the right price and the right time, especially given what shipping would have cost if I got one of these on eBay :eek:

Stuff you actually need is really difficult to ascertain while you only doing hobby stuff.
One day you fix a dead zx81 the next you have 3GHz signal generator on your hands.
Hard to put the limits on what you're dealing with.
And stuff to cope with gigahertz stuff is radically more expensive than your 20MHz scope.