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Dilog DQ419 Floppy Controller with Shugart 860 Floppy Drive on LSI-11/23+ system


Apr 20, 2018
Hebron, KY
Using a 3M SS,SD diskette I did a low level format under ODT. Then running a TU58EM emulation of RT11v4 I did a format and an initialization. I got illegal directory messages after each step. Next wanting to see if I could read a diskette I obtained a 3 diskette set of an RT-11 V4.0 Autopch. I am able to read the directories and type out a couple of .com files. I then attempted formatting and initialization on these but retained the files (protected) on the diskettes. I tried copying a file from DD0: to DY0: and once again the drive seems to be going through the operation but the copy does not take place. So it seems I can read diskettes but not write to them. So is the problem with the floppy controller or the floppy drive? All help appreciated.

Thank you very much.