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Downsizing my life collection of computer paraphernalia has to go


New Member
Nov 14, 2021
I was born and raised in the Silicon Valley, and at 75.5 years old, I don't see myself owning anything more than a laptop in the future. I got hooked on computers. in 1969 operating an IBM 1130, I didn't have enough Techie to do S-100, did buy a Osborne One in 1982, built an IBM clone in 84, I had friends in the car club that were Technicians, Engineers, my Techie had lots of support, anyway I have a Altos 580 with a 49 meg HD, that I used for a few years, also runs a modified version of CP/M, ZDOS, IIRC Bob Wright wrote it, the piece of significance is out of the Engineering Department Altos 586 with all the engineering schematics, PCBs, user manuals, and I believe all the software is on the HD, oh, and there is a printer, Philips Sub something, you can print T-shirts with, CP/M software, PC clones VESA bus on one, I haven't really gone through it yet, I'm about a 100 miles from Silicon Valley been for 15 years now, I'd like to see it gone by end of the month, I'm up for discussion.