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EIA-TR10 Extra Post Arrived


Veteran Member
Feb 22, 2011
NorthWest England (East Pondia)
Most of the TR-10 documentation I have says there should be 4 x 10-Turn pots in the control panel area which are accessible via a plug board at the right hand end the "non linear" row of modules. So just below the normal potentiometers.

However on mine the lower area had a custom panel, and the upper area where the sockets to connect them should be had a blanking plate. Have four calibrated potentiometers would be use full for demos, so I decided I needed to add some to mine.

Searching E-Bay I found some one in China selling them. These have now been delivered and are in place. I now have four small 10-turn POTS with calibrated dials.

View attachment 22333

I have wired two to the the plain white panel with wires in here..

View attachment 22334

Set the computer up so that the meter displays the sum of the two pots, but inverted...
... so if we set the pots to "2" and "3" we get "5", ... well -5 as the summer inverts....

View attachment 22335

I now need to wire up the remaining two pots....