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Estate Sale Insanity

Bungo Pony

Staff member
Mar 31, 2008
A couple of weeks ago, I went to an Estate Sale since they were claiming to have a lot of old electronics. I went and saw a C-64 sitting on a table in the corner. Now, I don't really need another C-64, but if I find it cheap enough, I'll grab it.

Me: How much for the C-64
Her: We were wanting $600
Me: :O

I walked away from that one. However, she noticed that I was completely turned off by the price and asked "If you were selling this, how much would you ask for it?" I told her "Maximum, $50." She didn't like that. But hey, I'm used to paying $5-$10 for my common Commodores.

She also had an Amiga 2000 (no hard drive) for $100. I found that odd because I consider the Amiga to be much more difficult to find than a C-64.

They had one item there that really caught my attention. It was an electric typewriter, but it displayed one line of text, and it had an oddball tape drive attached to it for storage. I asked her if she had the tapes for it. "Well, I threw them away because my sister used it for her clients, and it would be a breach of confidentiality." How frustrating. I asked to see if it worked, so she plugged it in, turned in on, and all it did was repeatedly hammer the same character on the daisy wheel. No lights, no nothing. She wanted $10 for it, but without the tapes, I have no desire to repair it.

Today I did a search on kijiji, and found the $600 C-64:


She dropped the price by half. Maybe I should jump on that deal before someone else grabs it! :D