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Everex RAM 8000 (EV-178) - ISA ram upgrade card - Help please!


Oct 30, 2018
Hong Kong
Hi There - I just got my hands on a NOS Everex RAM 8000 EV-178 ISA ram expansion board (it's in great condition, I'm guessing it's never been used at all) and I have a few questions (please bear with me as I'm new to the technical side of vintage computing)

I bought this with the hope that I would be able to use it in a Compaq portable III and also a Compaq Portable 386 - both have 16bit ISA expansion slots.

The only trouble is that the board is blank and not populated - and the instruction guide does not give much info about populating the board, specifically, it doesn't have much detail on the chips needed. Any idea on which chips I would need? Looking online, scans of old computer magazines state that I would need "1mb SDRAM 100ns" - but since I will be hunting on ebay for the chips I need something more specific.

To make matters worse, the kit came with a 5.25 floppy that is not reading properly. I got it to load and display the directory, but trying to do anything more gave a disk error. I tired using a floppy disk recovery utility and it couldn't get even 1 file off the disk - do I need it to add ram to my system? If so, any recommendations on floppy recovery services?

Both my Portable 386 and Portable III have compaq's proprietary ram expansion cards - the portable III's is at 16 bit and the 386 at 32 bit, not sure if that matters.

I also found an older post about this card, (http://www.vcfed.org/forum/archive/index.php/t-34252.html) but looks like in that case the card was used and needed to clear out the EEPROM - mine is likely at the factory default setting.

Any advice, ideas, comments would be appreciated!


Veteran Member
Mar 19, 2017
New Jersey, USA
Just from the name I'm guessing this card has 8 rows of 9 sockets, where each row would hold 1MB RAM using 9 1Mbit DIP DRAMs. That's DRAM with no S.