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Fairchild F8 Documentary -- Needs images, documents, ephemera, &c.

Jul 28, 2021
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to help a documentarian who is working on a history of the Fairchild F8 game system. His name is Jake McNeil and he provides the following plea (which I said I'd pass on to the Forum):

Dear members of the Vintage Computer Federation Forum,

I am currently in the development stages of creating a new documentary film based on the Fairchild Channel F console.

My aim of the documentary film is to provide an artistic informative video about the console, its history, interviews with former Fairchild employers/creators, archival material and discuss the consoles legacy. I feel this is the perfect time to finally have a documentary about the Channel F, which unfortunately is not particularly known to many gamers in the video game industry.

I've been working on the project for several weeks, gathering as much information as possible, though archive material and contacts available to me. I would like to ask you, the members here, if you have information, documents, images, images of prototypes that you could possibility to grant me permission to use for the documentary or would like to speak to me, in person about the documentary.

Please feel free message about the project at jakemcneil@outlook.com

Thank you in advance.
Hi Everyone, I should have identified the game system as the Channel F, not the F8, which was the CPU used in that system.