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FF: 2x Micro Computer User's Manual binders


Veteran Member
Jul 30, 2003
Västerås, Sweden
I found two small, grey binders in my basement. On the cover it says Micro Computer User's Manual:


They consist of seven sections: Introduction, Installation, Main Board, Display Card, Disk Controller, I/O Cards and Miscellaneous. The contents of each section are quite general. One binder has a manual to a Micro 286-12 MHz motherboard, version 5:


Furthermore it contains a short description of a combined monochrome graphic/printer card. It mentions a JP1 to enable or disable the printer port. The binder also contains an equally brief description of a CT450 AT Multi I/O card, which equals serial, parallel and game port on one card.

The second binder is mostly equivalent, but contains the user's manual to a NEAT-286 (New Enhance AT) mainboard, running at 12-16 MHz. This binder also contains a brief manual for the Baby AT I/O card GW-211. It contains serial, parallel and game port.

If anyone recognizes these bits of hardware or otherwise are interested in these binders, you can have them for free. Send me a PM and I will calculate postage. Each binder weighs 575 gram so they can be sent as oversized letters.